Is Flappy Bird the new Angry Birds? It could be, given the fact that this game shot to global stardom soon after it was released. Ever since the original version was taken down dozens of clones were made not only for conventional mobile devices but for wearable devices like smartwatches as well. If you’ve got a Apple II computer from 1977 lying somewhere then dust it off because there’s a Flappy BIrd clone available now for that machine too.


It is developer Dagen Brock’s doing who wasn’t pleased that one of the most iconic Apple computers wasn’t able to play Flappy Bird. It took him six weeks to develop and get this Flappy Bird clone up and running at full 60FPS with all sound effects on a computer that has a single megahertz processor.

Since 1977 wasn’t the time of USBs and internet-based app stores one must rely upon outdated technologies to get Flappy Bird running on it. Brock has created this port for use on 5.25″ and 3.25″ floppies which can be popped in the computer. An emulated web version is also available online for people who don’t have an Apple II lying around.

Just make sure you don’t end up smashing your Apple II once Flappy Bird agitates you enough, it has a tendency to make people smash things!

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