payphoneNowadays with just about everyone owning a mobile phone, whether it be a feature phone or a smartphone, the need for pay phones is starting to die. After all more often than not, these phones tend to be heavily vandalized and may or may not even be working. However instead of ripping up these phones and removing them completely, Google might have a use for them, by turning them into free wireless hotspots.

Google had submitted their proposal during an informational meeting back in May, although companies like Cisco, IBM, and Samsung were in attendance. However their plans are unknown for now. That being said, when Bloomberg reached out to Google to comment on the matter, the Mountain View company decided to remain mum for now.

However according to a document on the NYC Information Technology & Telecommunications’ website, “The widespread adoption of mobile devices reduces the overall need for public telephones, yet not everyone owns a mobile phone, and not everyone who owns one has connectivity at all times.”

This move from Google hardly comes as a surprise as it has been revealed in the past that the company has rather ambitious plans to bring internet connectivity to the world. They have embarked on ventures such as Project Loon and have reportedly invested a lot of money into satellite technology that would further their cause, but what do you guys think? Does pay phones-cum-wireless hotspots sound like a good idea?

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