siri google nowWhen it come to voice assistants, naturally each company will claim that theirs is better. Apple has Siri while Google has Google Now. However according to a recent test conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster, it seems that Google Now has managed to edge out Siri in terms of accuracy.

To conduct the challenge, Munster took 800 questions and put them to the test by using Siri and Google Now. He then measured both voice assistant’s ability to understand respond to each query. Half of the questions were asked indoors, while the other half were conducted outdoors, presumably to test how well the voice assistants recognized queries in quiet and noisy environments.

Interestingly during the course of their testing, they discovered that Siri only relied on Google as a source 3% of the time, compared to 27% of the time back in 2012, but that being said, Siri managed to score 84%. However it seems that Google Now managed to edge Siri out by scoring 86%.

Munster found that in terms of navigation and getting local and general information, Google Now was superior. However in terms of OS commands, his team found that Siri performed a little bit better. What do you guys think? Do you agree that Google Now deserved to win, or do you believe that Siri is the superior voice assistant?

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