google play store redesignAs it stands, the Google Play Store is very functional. It gives users access to the apps, music, and books that they are looking for. It is also easy to use and one can easily see the price, compatibility, and screenshots of the app that are listed. However it seems that Google has decided that the Play Store could use a change in design.

This is according to the folks at Android Police who have managed to get their hands on a variety of screenshots (pictured above) which shows some of the visual changes that Google will be making in the future. As you can see, some of the changes will emphasize certain aspects of the Play Store. For example with apps, the hero image will be more prominent, while the movie portion of the Play Store will feature the trailer in the hero position.

google play store redesign 2The changes that Google will be making will reportedly extend to the mobile version of the Play Store. It will be keeping to the theme that we mentioned above, except that it will be in mobile form instead. Other changes include how reading the app’s description in the mobile Play Store will now expand to full screen mode, thus giving the user more screen real estate, along with the repositioning of the the sharing button.

gplay redesignHowever Android Police notes that it is hard to tell how close these changes are from being released, but given that they are presumably built around Google’s Material Design language that they kept hawking at Google I/O, perhaps we might see its release around the same time as Android L. In the meantime these screenshots are subject to change, so don’t be surprised if the final release does not look like the ones we are seeing above.

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