hacknodeThe clarion call has gone out – Variable has just launched the HACKANODE 2014 Mobile App Global Challenge, where one of the judges who will be sitting on the panel will be none other than Steve Wozniak himself, the other Steve who was instrumental in the humble beginnings of the mighty Apple empire. In this particular challenge, all qualifying mobile apps will be vying against one another to pick up a total cash prize pool of $16,500 across a dozen categories.


Joining Steve Wozniak on the 10-judge panel will include Thiel Foundation’s Nick Arnett. Here is a little background information on the HACKANODE 2014 Mobile App Global Challenge, where this particular online contest will require developers to register, build and submit new apps that are capable of incorporating the NODE+ wireless sensor’s functionality in a creative manner through two methods – you can either construct a new app from ground up, or to integrate NODE+’s wireless sensing capabilities into an existing app. Both ways are not easy routes actually, and they have their fair share of challenges.

The categories that are available along with the cash prizes include Best Smart Glasses Integration Prize ($2,500), Barcode Scanner Award ($2,500), Supply Chain Management Award ($2,500), Color Referencing Award ($2,500), Academic Research ($1,500), College Student Developer ($1,500), High School Developer ($1,000), Better World Award ($500), Visionary Award ($500), Best Female App Developer ($500), 48-Hour Integration Award ($500), and People’s Choice Award ($500).

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