Once you have jumped aboard the mobile device bandwagon, there is no escaping one particular monster that constantly snaps at your latest purchase’s heels – and that would be the monster of obsolescence. Having said that, the iPhone 4S that was released three years ago is still being used by some folks today, but just how does it fare if it were to be your primary mobile gaming device? Not too good apparently, as one can check it out in the comparison video above that sees Modern Combat 5 run side by side on the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5c.

The iPhone 4S’ performance is extremely disappointing at best – you get to “experience” choppy frame rates as well as a higher level of pixelation in the animation. There will also be less detail compared to what the iPhone 5c is capable of churning out, going to show that the threat of something getting outdated is very, very real, and it happens all too quickly.

Things are not going to get better too, when iOS 8 begins to ship later this fall alongside the purported release of a next generation of iPhones. Basically, legacy handsets do not get too much love and attention from developers, so, you might want to start saving up now for the new iPhone 6 or whatever it is going to be called when it arrives.

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