While the iPhone is crafted with beautiful looking materials, at the end of the day we doubt that even the most sturdy of smartphones will not be able to withstand the speed, force, and pressure of an oncoming train. However it seems that TechRax decided to find out whether or not an iPhone 5s would be able to survive being run over by a train.

Now the results are pretty unsurprising (spoiler alert: it didn’t!), but if you’re curious as to the extent of the damage caused by the train, then you’ll want to check out the video above. Now we’ve seen many videos in the past where YouTubers try to push their phones to the limit, such as having them being run over by cars, hit with hammers, dropped to the ground, and in some instances shot at.

In the video, TechRax straps an iPhone to the train tracks using tape and GoPro camera to record the proceedings. We should point out that this is extremely dangerous and could cause an accident, not to mention it would be illegal as well. That being said, interestingly enough the first iPhone he strapped still had its nano SIM still in one piece after being run over.

However his second attempt with another iPhone saw the phone completely obliterated. In any case if you’re in the mood for some senseless electronics violence, do check out the video above, and please do not try this out for yourselves!

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