john-chen-contextIt is safe to say that BlackBerry is definitely not in the best shape of its life at the moment. The company has seen better years in the past, although it seems that at least for now, the turmoil and uncertainty regarding the company’s future has been quelled somewhat ever since John Chen took the reins.

Now for those who are still wondering if BlackBerry would still be sold off to another company, you can rest assured knowing that for now, they are not. This is according to Chen who spoke with Bloomberg and was quoted as saying that there are no offers for the company at the moment.

According to Chen, “I don’t have any offers on my desk… but if people would like to talk… but talk is not an offer.” In fact earlier this year, Chen said that BlackBerry has no intention of selling off their business anytime soon, and that they are working towards making the company profitable once again.

Back in 2013, the Canadian company was almost sold off to Fairfax, but the latter decided not to buy the company in the end, instead opting to invest $1 billion into BlackBerry’s business instead, but who knows, things could change down the road.

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