lg-rollable-18-inch-display-1It’s a demo that always gets people’s attention: a display being flexed and rolled while it’s actually working and displaying something. You have seen these demos times and time again, but not with a big 18-inch display.

LG is no stranger to flexible displays. It was the first company to come up with a curved TV as a real product. But this 18-inch prototype can be rolled down to a radius of 3cm while still being functional, and technically, this is quite impressive.

lg-rollable-18-inch-display-2When I asked LG about what this may become, I’ve been told that by 2017, LG Display intends to build a functional Ultra-HD flexible panel that is 60”+ big. Sure, I don’t roll my TV, but with an open mind, you can see a lot of possibilities to “hide” TV (till them in and out) to preserve space or for design purposes. This could open a lot of design possibilities. The same thing holds true for the transportability of displays in general. What if you 30” monitor could be rolled up in a little 3cm tube for easy transportation? Not bad!

But we’re still a far from that goal. At the moment, this particular 18” monitor has a 1200×810 resolution (1M pixels and a PPI of about 80). In the meantime, this is yet another step towards displays that are free of rigid, rectangular structures.

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