london-adsThe great city of London, which has been promised to deliver 5G connectivity to the masses before the year 2020 clocks out and we usher in 2021, has yet another story that touches on the technological department. Basically, the police in London have come up with a new tactic to deal with websites that promote either piracy or illegal content. Basically, the whole idea behind this move is to stop such websites from obtaining advertising income, which in turn could prove to scare away a small number of users at the moment.

Police in London have kicked off a new program where websites that happen to offer illegal content will see their banner ads replaced by what else, but stern police warnings. This means users will also be able to see such warnings, and should they heed those warnings and not visit such websites any more, the number of visitors will logically drop – and so will the advertising revenue in due time.

This particular system will make use of what they call Project Sunblock to pull it off. This particular program is currently being used by a handful of major retailers in order to ensure that their ads will remain free from association with less than desirable content that could cause damage to the brand.

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