For those of you who have had plenty of fun with the hugely successful Mario Kart 8 ever since it was launched, you might want to take note that not all is well with the title. Apparently, Mario Kart 8 has already been hacked, at least from what the footage in the YouTube video above depicts. YouTuber MrBean35000vr uploaded the above video, where it depicts how hackers took advantage of a browser exploit in order to switch up track music, not to mention alter track names, among others.


We are pleased to say that on the whole, the Mario Kart 8 community proved to be mature, having responded negatively to the mods as shown above, since it does not seem as though those mods could be used for one to gain the upper hand over the rest of the competition when racing one another online.

As for the hackers themselves, they seem to be a pretty harmless bunch, having shared on the video that what was done is “very very basic stuff, more of a proof of concept rather than anything else. None of this is in any state to be released at present, and it’s unlikely that we ever will in the interest of preventing cheaters. We’re not going to be encouraging cheating with this and won’t let our work be used for it. Our goal is to make game mods; custom tracks, etc. Relax and enjoy what we come up with.”

I guess that more or less seals it, no?

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