misfitbedditEver wonder why sometimes you wake up even more tired than before you went to bed? Chances are you might have had a fitful sleep, but if you’re trying to track or monitor your sleep progress, Misfit has announced the Beddit Sleep System. It is basically a combination of a sleep sensor that is able to relay its findings back to its accompanying app.


All the user has to do is place the sensor under their mattress and they are good to go. The device will collect information like physiological signals, such as heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, and sound. It sounds like a pretty handy device if you’re concerned about the wellness of your sleep.

The Misfit Beddit is available for purchase via the company’s website where it is priced at $149.99. According to Sonny Vu, the CEO and founder of Misfit, “With Beddit, we’re making our sleep tracking functionality even more robust. Not only are we able to measure more, but even less is required of the user–a frictionless experience.”

Now $149.99 is pretty expensive and we’re sure not everyone is willing to fork out that much money. In the meantime there are alternatives to the Beddit that are standalone apps, like the Sleep Cycle alarm clock. It might not be as robust in its data collection, but perhaps it could be a much cheaper alternative.

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