iphone-5s-review-019On the back of your electronic devices, you will see a bunch of symbols on it. The symbols are basically representation of trade regulations as well as the proper way to dispose of electronic devices. While we don’t really pay attention to them, from a design point of view they can be quite ugly as it would otherwise mar a perfectly pristine surface.

Well the good news is that those etchings could soon be removed from our electronic devices, thanks to a new bill that has been introduced in the Senate. The new bill proposes that manufacturers digitally stamp their products with the symbols as opposed to actually physically etching them on the surface of their devices.

According to the Senators who proposed the bill, they believe that by introducing the digital stamping, it would actually save manufacturers money and time by complying with regulations. In fact a recent example of this was the OnePlus One where it was delayed in Europe due to the manufacturers omitting one of the required symbols. The company had initially thought that they could get away with a cleaner and minimal look, but overlooked the requirement in the process.

Of course this would only apply to symbols used by the government in the US, which means that devices manufactured and sold in other parts of the world, such as Europe who uses the “CE” mark, would still require those symbols to remain etched on devices unless they decide to change their policy too.

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