nokia-lumia-1520-review-8It wasn’t too long ago that we had heard rumors that Nokia was working on a unique handset called the Nokia McLaren. What made the device unique is that it could offer up buttonless interaction and would feature gesture technology along the lines of the Amazon Fire Phone. Well if you were looking forward to the handset, you might be disappointed to learn that Microsoft has since killed off the device.

This is according to the folks at Windows Phone Central who learnt from their sources that along with the recently announced layoffs at the company, Microsoft made the decision to kill off the McLaren. This decision was reportedly made weeks ago ahead of the announcement of the layoffs.

What this means is that as it stands, Microsoft does not have a new flagship device for this year, at least none that we have heard of. In fact it wasn’t too long ago that a Microsoft engineer had teased that the company had “something amazing” for Windows Phone, which many had assumed was the Nokia McLaren, but now that it’s out the window, we have to wonder what Microsoft has up their sleeves.

We suppose they could follow in Apple’s footsteps, which is to release one flagship phone a year, but given the fierce competition in the marketplace, especially with Nokia pretty much holding the fort when it comes to Windows Phone, is that such a good idea? What do you guys think? Anyone disappointed by the McLaren’s rumored cancellation?

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