ATMs are a wonderful concept – it allows you to stash your money in a place that can be retrieved at just about anywhere – as long as you still have some money left in your bank account, of course. Having said that, computers run the ATM, and hence logic dictates that as long as there is enough processing power behind the computer that keeps the ATM going, then you would definitely be able to run relevant apps on it. id Software’s classic Doom is one of them, considering some ATM machines do run on Windows XP, so it is not too much of a hassle to hack an ATM machine and have Doom rn on it.

The group in the video above has successfully run id Software’s Doom on an ATM with the machine’s present controls without the need for an external controller. However, considering how ATMs still require custom software and logic, with a circuit board being used to remap buttons that will reassign them from making withdrawals to slaying hellspawn and other unmentionables.

The side buttons have already begun to work when it comes to weapon selection, and the group intends to ensure that the number pad becomes usable, which would be a huge boon in the long run. The thing is, ATM buttons are pretty hard to press, so you ought not to expect the kind of flexible performance that you would find compared to using an actual keyboard.

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