russia-oneTrams help us get around the city and they provide an alternative method of transportation to buses or trains , depending on your stop. That being said, is there a huge need for trams to start being more hi-tech? Well apparently in Russia the answer would be yes. As you can see in the image above, that is a new tram that is expected to see deployment in the major Russian cities in the future.

The tram is built by a company called UralVagonZavod. Dubbed the Russia One, not only does the tram look pretty sleek and futuristic and the outside, but inside it comes with some pretty hi-tech technology that one might not necessarily expect from trams. For example the LED lighting within the trams will change depending on the time of day.

There will also be music that changes according to the mood and also time of day, and passengers will be able to look forward to GPS and GLONASS technology, air conditioning, anti-bacterial handrails, and even built-in WiFi. The driver of the tram will also be getting a USB 3.0 port of their own where they can keep their mobile devices charged.

UVZ expects the trams to be deployed in 2015 and for those hoping that they can expect to see it in their cities soon, chances are it won’t be happening anytime soon, especially since its “Russia One” moniker seems to hint that it is about national pride, but who knows, perhaps one day it will start making its way to other countries.

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