samsung-zIt is a well known fact that Samsung has developing their very own mobile operating system that is called Tizen for quite some time already, never mind that they are a strong supporter of the Android platform with the slew of Android-powered devices that carry the Samsung brand name. Known as Tizen, both the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches already run on it, and the Samsung Z that was announced last month did set an official date for a Russian launch on July 10th. Unfortunately, it is not all as it seemed to be, as the smartphone did not make the launch in Russia yesterday

Samsung did mention that the launch has been postponed as Samsung felt that the existing roster of apps were inadequate to satisfy future users. As to whether Samsung will continue to stick to their guns and ship the Samsung Z when Q3 2014 is still open, that remains to be seen. Apparently, Tizen does not have the kind of developer support that it seeks, and that alone is a huge minus point in the highly competitive market that is currently being controlled largely by iOS and Android. Assuming a Tizen handset eventually arrives in your market, would you consider picking one up out of curiosity?

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