Somebody just rained on Sony’s parade. The company teased a new smartphone today which apparently tries to cash in on the selfie phenomenon. Sony is due to officially unveil this smartphone tomorrow which will be available globally according to recent reports. Sony had merely teased the device on Twitter, someone on Weibo took the opportunity to show off the device in all its glory. It is called the Sony Xperia C3 and it comes with a front-facing flash. No more dark selfies!

The Xperia C3’s specifications are not known right now so its unclear what this camera’s resolution is. Its aided by a dedicated LED flash nonetheless. The display is said to come in at 5-inches though its resolution is unknown.

Rumors suggest that this is a mid-range device so the display might not be greater than 720p. In that case it really won’t be a true powerhouse but may work well as a “selfie phone.”

Apparently that’s all the rage these days since HTC is rumored to be working on a similar device. Sony will certainly have the upper hand as not only will it unveil its device first but it may even be able to bring it to market ahead of HTC’s selfie phone.

Come of think of it, this is just business. These manufacturers are catering to the public’s infatuation with selfies, might as well make some money off of it while the trend lasts.

Tomorrow we will surely have all the official information about the Sony Xperia C3 so sit tight till then.

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