There are a lot of questions that potential customers ask when they go to buy an all electric car. Some believe that the batteries may prove to be a big fire hazard though there’s no evidence to support this theory. Others believe that the complicated software which is essential to the running of the car can be compromised and someone can simply wreak havoc while you drive. Turns out that’s not too impossible. A Tesla Model S was hacked recently and its doors were opened remotely while it was being driver.

Fortunately this didn’t happen to a driver who had no idea what was happen. This was part of a competition in which students at the Zhejiang University took part. They hacked the car and were able to access some of its functions while it was in motion.

The event carried a $10,000 prize for the winning team and while Tesla did not sponsor the event it did say that the results would be used to patch up any vulnerabilities in its car. The winning team is called “Yo” and it was able to switch on the headlights, control the sunroof and even sound the horn remotely.

Tesla regularly releases software updates for its car to take care of vulnerabilities like this. Responsible security researchers unearthing new vulnerabilities will only serve the company’s interests.  But it makes you wonder, doesn’t it, that no matter how secure they make the software there may always be the slightest chance that some troublemaker might still be able to get in.

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