uber-cabrideApps are supposed to make our lives a whole lot easier and more convenient, especially when it comes to locating a particular restaurant in town, and with Uber, this app will allow users to call a private car on demand, operating across more than a hundred cities as well as 30 countries. Well, one particular man who must have had his fair share of drinks wanted to head to his next destination, a bar that was located some 30 meters away from where he was, but instead he was driven around the block the other way after using the Uber app on his smartphone to hail a cab in Houston, Texas.


Instead of taking bus number 11 (and by that , I mean walking – two legs equals to the number 11, get it?), his cab ride cost him $4.28 in the end, which could have been used to purchase a late night snack or a sandwich at a nearby convenience store. He found out about this gaff the next day via an e-receipt that was stashed away on his smartphone. Do you think the cab driver did not know where the drunken passenger’s destination was in order to take advantage of the situation, or was it just a case of making a quick buck?

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