watch-dogs-dlc-packWatch_Dogs, the most pre-ordered title on Ubisoft to date, is back with its DLC packs made available for both the Sony PS3 as well as its successor, the Sony PS4. For those who have been playing Watch_Dogs ever since it was released, chances are you would have figured out all the different nooks and crannies of the city in-game, but thanks to the latest Watch_Dogs Access Pack DLC, gamers will be able to enjoy a wider range of weapons as well as outfits for Aiden, not to mention opening up doors to entirely new missions for you to explore.

When we approach this latest DLC from the mission perspective, “The Palace” Mission pack will allow one to infiltrate the luxurious palace of an internet mogul, where the huge database contains details on plenty of folks, where you and DedSec are included, and this database was compromised not too long ago – which means it boils down to you to remove all traces of the data, and play the devil’s advocate by silencing him.

In the “Signature Shot” Mission Pack, one will track a biometrics weapon which has been that has been smuggled into Chicago, and it is en route to a captain of the Black Viceroys gang. This weapon works in a strange manner – the first person to imprint his palm on the handle will be the “password”. Your orders? To breach a stronghold, steal the package, and end up as the first to imprint the weapon. These ought to keep you occupied, at least for a while. [Press Release]

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