We’ve all asked Siri goofy questions at some point. Its probably the first thing many people do when they use Siri for the very first time. Siri has been programmed to give quirky answers to such questions so its really not that big a deal. A man in Florida accused of murdering his roommate apparently asked Siri for a place where he could hide the victim’s body, what would possess him to do that is beyond anyone’s guess.

As the case has progressed this has just come to light. Pedro Bravo, 20, was accused of kidnapping and strangling his roommate and friend Christian Aguilar back in September 2012. Both had argued after Aguilar started going out with Bravo’s ex-girlfriend. Bravo was formally charged with murder on September 28th, 2012. The victim’s body was found after a few weeks.

During its investigation that police collected evidence from Bravo’s iPhone. It was discovered that not only did he use the iPhone’s flashlight nine times between 11:31pm and 12:01am on the day Aguilar went missing, but he also asked Siri “I need to hide my roommate.” Apparently Siri responded by asking what kind of place he was looking for, presented four options which included “swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries and dumps.”

Police came to the conclusion that Bravo used the iPhone’s flashlight to hide the body in the woods, and that location data collected from the device contradicts Bravo’s account of his whereabouts that evening.

The case goes on now but at the trial which began last week prosecutors argued that Bravo did indeed kill his roommate by strangling him before dumping his body in the woods. Bravo might have counted on Siri to save the day for him, but it only served as evidence against him.

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