a8What you see above happens to be a purported Apple iPhone 6 system chip, which is currently referred to as the Apple A8, that has leaked out. It is touted that this is the system chip that will run all proceedings of the upcoming iPhone 6 from under the hood, and it has been caught alongside the well aged Apple A5. The alleged Apple A8 chip is larger in size physically compared to its predecessor, and this also needs to be said – the Apple A5, when it first rolled out, also happened to be one of the biggest Apple chips the public has seen to date where Apple’s mobile devices are concerned.

An increase in the physical size of the Apple A8 might signal the possibility of Apple taking the quad-core path, which could be seen as an “upgrade” in the eyes for some, especially when they are still running on a dual-core chip at the moment. Of course, do take what you see above with more than just a single pinch of salt, since the leak itself has not yet been confirmed. In other words, until something official is shared, there is every possibility that this could very well be one red herring.

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