Even though it has been backed into the proverbial corner as far as consumer smartphone sales go, whenever BlackBerry comes out swinging it never forgets to mention some of the important security clearances that its products and services have received from major government agencies, including military agencies. Today the company announced that it has yet another certification to add to the list. U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency or DISA has awarded Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) approval to BlackBerry Secure Work Space.

Since its rivals have also taken away most of its enterprise clients BlackBerry now looks to enable enterprise customers to be able to safely and securely manage all mobile devices on their networks, not just BBs.

Secure Work Space is a service that aids customers manage BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 or BES 10 on their internal networks. This service was launched last year as BlackBerry restructured itself to make money in a market where its smartphones are generally shunned.

The approval means that U.S. Department of Defense customers can now use iOS and Android devices that are hooked up to the secure BES10 Enterprise Mobility Management solution. It allows BlackBerry to retain its footing even though enterprise customers and government agencies look towards open mobile environments, as it secures data both in straight and on the device itself.

BlackBerry’s head of the enterprise business, John Sims, said that the STIG approval shows that “enterprises and government agencies can rely on Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 for secure mobility,” and that essentially it doesn’t even matter if the devices they’re running in the field are not from the Canadian manufacturer.

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