china-internetChina, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, is modern and traditional at the same time. You have a fast growing segment of millionaires in the world there, but then again, the number of hardcore poor remains. It seems that China has every intention to be more technologically advanced, so much so that it is going to work on its very own operating system in order to go up against the likes of traditional behemoths including Microsoft, Apple, and more recently, Google.

The OS development alliance that officially kicked off earlier this March has drawn up plans to introduce a Chinese OS that will be made available to desktop machines by the time October rolls around, which is just a couple of months away, frankly speaking. The whole idea for this home grown operating system? It is to replace the existing desktop OS options, and they have targeted one or two years, tops, to “cull” the current desktop operating systems. Apart from that, they are also working on replacing the different mobile operating systems in a matter of three to five years.

What do you think of this particular effort from China? After all, the government has already banned Windows 8 from running on government computers, citing that it is ‘expensive‘ as well as being capable of ‘monitoring their users‘.

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