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Halo: Spartan Strike Launches Across Multiple Platforms
It takes a whole lot more to keep a good soldier down, and a cross platform title does not sound like too bad an idea, especially when you consider just what kind of franchise that we are talking about here – that of Halo. For fans of the franchise, you will be pleased to hear that Halo: Spartan Strike has launched today across multiple platforms, and they are Windows 8, […]

Meizu M1 Mini To Feature Trio Of OSes?
Meizu has already introduced the very first member of its new M1 Note device, not too long ago, and there has been whispers of a new M1 Mini going around, and we do not know whether this can be known as the Blue Charm Mini or not. While there are plenty of whispers going around that the Meizu M1 Mini were to be introduced on January 28 later this month […]

Vsenn Intends Users To Have Say In OS Choice
Smartphones move along at such a breakneck speed these days, that what used to be a new model just earlier this month might end up usurped by another from a different manufacturer this week. This means that the smartphone “arms race” continues its pace, and for those who absolutely must have the very best all the time, Vsenn has come up with a modular phone so that you can upgrade […]

Windows XP Continues To Lose Its Shine
Numbers and figures can be very useful if one were to draw a conclusion about a particular situation, or perhaps even make predictions of the future. Each month, the usage share of the desktop ecosystem changes, so that users are able to spot trends as well as have a better handle on just what kind of operating systems that consumers use at the moment. In November 2014, Microsoft’s Windows XP […]


“Microsoft Tax” For New PCs In Italy Abolished
I am quite sure that purchasing a desktop computer or a notebook can be considered to be a rite of passage for some, especially when one has extremely limited monetary resources to fall back upon. Having said that, for those who have grown up with Windows all their lives, chances are your purchases would have come with a (legit) copy of Windows pre-installed. Do take note, however, that the pre-installation […]

China Could Develop Own Operating System
China, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, is modern and traditional at the same time. You have a fast growing segment of millionaires in the world there, but then again, the number of hardcore poor remains. It seems that China has every intention to be more technologically advanced, so much so that it is going to work on its very own operating system in order to go […]

Jolla Chairman: Jolla Occupies Third Mobile OS Spot
When it comes to the market share of a particular product, competition can get pretty tough. So far, we do see Android leading the smartphone market with a whopping 84.7%, while Apple remains in second place with a 11.7% share, and Microsoft’s efforts with their Windows Phone platform stands at a paltry 2.5%.That would leave the remaining 1.1% of the market to be shared by the rest. Jolla from Finland, […]

Meizu Touts "Stunning New OS"
It has been close to six months ever since there was any word concerning a collaboration between Canonical and Meizu, with the former being the developer of Ubuntu. It was mentioned earlier this year that Meizu would be one of the first few hardware manufacturers that will utilize the new operating system on its upcoming smartphones, with even a Meizu MX3 having been spotted to run on Ubuntu as well. […]

Japan Could Get Mozilla Firefox OS Smartphones
Japan has been identified as a possible market where smartphones running on the Mozilla Firefox operating system will appear, despite the fact that smartphones on that mobile operating system would mainly target emerging markets such as South America, and with Japan being an established and mature market, we do wonder what’s up with this rumor. Well, I guess a rumor’s a rumor, so let us leave it as that at […]

Microsoft Working On A Low-Cost OS That Can Be Upgraded Annually [Rumor]
Microsoft seems to be working on a new low-cost operating system that can be upgradeable annually. According to The Verge, Microsoft is developing a Windows software that will work across Windows and Windows Phone devices. Sources say that the new OS is code-named “Windows Blue” and that the update will include several changes on Microsoft’s current UI for its Windows OS. Microsoft will also reportedly offer annual software updates for the so-called […]

Seesmic abandons support for the BlackBerry operating system
Poor RIM. After reporting financial losses and poor sales for its recent quarterly report, product delays, upset shareholders and consumers; the company hasn’t exactly been having a ball of a time lately. Now, it looks like even developers are beginning to turn their backs on RIM’s BlackBerry operating system. Seesmic, one of the most popular third party Twitter client developers has officially announced that it will no longer be supporting […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS Gets In-App Payments
We all know that the BlackBerry PlayBook is one great piece of technology, but its success has been marred mostly due to the lack of apps available for the system, and its dependence on having a BlackBerry phone to tether to. Well, the software side has been slowly improving, and as of today, we’ve got a new update to the tablet’s operating system to make things even better.

Symbian Anna update from Nokia
Nokia did confirm that they have closed Symbian to the prying eyes of the world, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the road for the operating system as there will be a new overhaul of the operating system in the year ahead, where it has been given the codename Symbian Anna. Symbian Anna is actually the culmination of what Symbian users have responded to Nokia concerning the […]

Windows 8 heavily focused on mobile devices; will it affect the desktop experience?
We all know that Windows 8 will be designed to run on tablets and according to some recent reports, the next version of Windows will put a heavy focus on mobile devices. Windows 8 will supposedly feature a welcome/unlock screen similar to the one found in Windows Phone 7, a new Ribbon UI for Windows Explorer and a document reader that uses a new packaged application model that “closely resembles […]

Windows 7 finally overtakes Windows XP's desktop OS market share
According to the latest results of the desktop OS market share in the US for April 2011 collected by StatCounter, it looks like people are finally leaving Windows XP behind and getting an upgrade to Windows 7. For the first time since it became the most popular operating system around, Windows XP’s market share has been trumped by Windows 7. Windows 7 is now used on 31.71% of desktops in […]

Motorola to create its own OS?
Motorola has recently been on a hiring spree, adding experienced web engineers from Adobe and Apple to their payroll, reigniting old speculations of the company working on their own operating system. The rumors started last year when Motorola acquired Azingo, a mobile platform company and their latest moves have brought it up to the spotlight again. Motorola hasn’t denied the accusations but the company also mentioned that it was “committed […]

Google Chrome OS receives touch-friendly tab page
Google has always maintained that their Chrome Operating System will first see action on laptops while working on a tablet-friendly version later on, but it seems that developers have already started to work on what a future Chrome version might look like by throwing in an alternate new tab page that was specially designed for touchscreen equipped devices. Meant to run web apps instead of native desktop apps, that doesn’t […]

Asus to release Google Chrome netbooks?
Fans of Google’s Chrome OS might have a reason to rejoice soon. Asus, creators of some of the hottest selling netbooks around, has been rumored to be releasing new netbooks that run on Google’s Chrome OS. The rumored netbooks will come with 10″ or 11″ displays and will cost around $200-$250, and possibly subsidized to $0 if paired up with a 3G contract. Despite the limited capabilities of the Chrome […]

Fuduntu OS supports Flash 10.2 now
The Fuduntu operating system (something you don’t hear of every day) is actually a lightweight operating system that was specially designed for netbooks as well as other forms of portable computers. This operating system is based on Fedora Linux, and as its name suggests, ought to serve a rather familiar feel to Ubuntu Linux users. Over the weekend, Fuduntu 14.9 was released, where it will now offer support for Google’s […]

Retractable Mobile Solar Unit can be used to provide electricity in emergencies
If there’s one thing inconvenient about solar panels it’s that they’re huge and impractical to bring around with you. Well the folks in OS, Japan, have come up with something called the Mobile Solar Unit GSR-110B – a portable power generation system that makes use of solar power to recharge its batteries. What’s interesting about this device is that it has a retractable solar panel that users can easily pull […]