dog-learns-tabletDogs are clearly extremely intelligent animals, after all, they would not be hanging out with us if they were dumb, right? There are many tricks which you can teach a dog, but are they smart enough to make use of a tablet? Apparently so, at least according to a certain Anna Jane Grossman. Grossman is a trainer and co-owner of School for the Dogs in New York, where she uses positive reinforcement to teach your furkid new tricks, including working a tablet.

One particular trick would require smearing some delicious peanut butter on a plastic dummy tablet screen, or perhaps to reward your four-legged friend with its favorite treat each time they listen and obey your command to touch the screen.

Some vets do agree that letting dogs use a tablet might have beneficial results in the long run, at least Dr. Michael Farber did share before that “anything that keeps a dog busy and entertained and stimulated … is a positive thing.”

Just what kind of apps can help train your dog? Big Words, a $0.99 app on the App Store will let you type words with letters that cover the entire screen, and if certain words that the dog sees are obeyed, you will then dispense with a reward. Basically, a dog who uses its mind, whether through a tablet or simply running after a ball to fetch it, will be a well adjusted and happy dog in the long run. Just don’t expect Lassie to fire an email in the event of an emergency just yet.

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