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Tesla's Dog Mode Helps Owner Dismiss Animal Cruelty Charge
We have been talking a lot about Tesla lately. Starting from Tesla Model S to set a new track record in California while involving the buzz about Tesla ‘Plaid’  Model S beating Porsche Taycan’s Nürburgring time.Now, a Tesla owner was dismissed from charges against Animal Cruelty just because of the ‘Dog Mode’ in his Model S.The “Dog Mode” is essentially a software feature which keeps the temperature in check for […]

Dogs Go Through iPad Learning Class
Dogs are clearly extremely intelligent animals, after all, they would not be hanging out with us if they were dumb, right? There are many tricks which you can teach a dog, but are they smart enough to make use of a tablet? Apparently so, at least according to a certain Anna Jane Grossman. Grossman is a trainer and co-owner of School for the Dogs in New York, where she uses […]

Sony and Petco announce National Adoption Reunion… and attempt to break a Guinness World Record
Sony has teamed up with Petco for a National Adoption Reunion to make life better for pets in need. The cause will be accepting photographs of your pet(s), and for every photograph received, it will be donating a dollar (up to $10,000) to improve the lives of pets that need the help (using a Sony Cybershot camera and its “pet mode” is encouraged).In addition to donating the money, the best […]

Seneye lets you keep an eye on your aquarium from a distance
Love your fish and wish for a better way to keep an eye on them? So do the folks at Seneye  who will be releasing an aquarium monitoring system. It will be available in three different variants for different kinds of aquariums – Seneye Home, Seneye Pond, and Seneye Reef. But they all do the same job – by monitoring the status of your aquarium that your fish or other […]


World of Warcraft pet contributes to Japan relief fund
It looks like everybody is doing something to help out Japan recover from their recent disasters. Earlier today we had Pentax’s Hope For Japan relief fund, and now Blizzard has just joined in, taking advantage of its 12 million+ subscribers on World of Warcraft. The company has released a new pet called the Cenarion Hatchling in the pet store, with 100% of the funds going to the American Red Cross’s […]

Robot dog built with Kondo hobby servo motors
Always wanted a dog that didn’t bark in the middle of the night? Well, now thanks to technology, you can! And no we don’t mean removing the vocal chords of your dog – but by building a robot dog instead. A Japanese hobbyist who specializes in robot creation, Igaa-san, recently posted a video online of his latest project – a robot dog that uses Kondo hobby servo motors to move […]

Robot mice make great pets
Have you always wanted a pet but felt like you wouldn’t have the responsibility or prolonged interest to take care of it? Robot pets like the Sony Aibo have been created to fill this void in your life, but nobody really wants to throw around wads of cash for something that they’ll lose interest in after a few weeks right? Introducing Mousey the Junkbot. This cute little mouse robot is […]

Hamster-powered Light
If you look at hamsters, all they do is eat, sleep and run on the hamster wheel. Maybe you could (literally) make its life a little brighter by allowing the hamster wheel to power a small night light. A recent project added a low RPM alternator to a hamster wheel, allowing the hamster to power its own light source. Magnets were used to pass by a stationary coil in order […]

Concept: Meo Auto Pet For The Future
You probably don’t look at your car as a pet, but a concept car dubbed the Meo might be able to function as a giant automotive pet. The Meo is small and compact, offering a front door which can be lifted in order for the driver to get in and out of the vehicle. The interior of the Meo is furnished with a magnetic suspension chair, invisible LED display, and […]

Flexi PC Pet ID Tag Is A Flash Drive For Your Pet
While most people use traditional dog tags to let people know who the owner of their pet is, you’re a smart guy, and want to be different, right? If that’s the case, the folks behind the Flexi PC Pet ID Tag probably had you in mind when they came up with the device. It allows you to stuff all your pet’s details such as contact address, phone numbers, vet information, […]

Pet Acoustics My Pet Speaker
Once in a while, we come across a device that is so zany, it needs to be seen in order to be believed. Case in point – the My Pet Speaker from Pet Acoustics. This omni-directional sound system comes with a 4″ driver coupled with reduced bass levels and the ability to “disburse music in 360 degrees recreating how animals hear in nature.” To make matters more interesting, it has […]

Puppy Tweets For Your Beloved Puppy
Twitter is certainly a popular service, and deservedly so, but sometimes people take things to extremes. Would you want your dog to be tweeting as well? It seems that there are folks out there who would certainly want such an arrangement. Mattel has come up with a device dubbed ‘Puppy Tweets’, which you can attach you the puppy’s collar, allowing it to tweet for your dog. You’ll still need to […]

Remote Pet Feeding Viewing Camera Kit
Can’t bear the thought of leaving Fido all alone at home? Well, kudos to technology for making it easy to see what Fido is up to, alongside the ability to feed him remotely thanks to the Remote Pet Feeding Viewing Camera Kit. As long as you’re connected to a decent Internet line and have remote access to your home computer, you will be able to make sure Fido is well […]