fb browserIf you’ve ever used Facebook on Android, you might notice that when you click on links, it tends to open in a separate browser, like Chrome, for example. This is compared to the iOS version of Facebook where it opens websites in the in-app browser instead, thus ensuring that users will never have to leave the app even when browsing websites.

Well according to the folks at Android Police, it seems that things could soon change for Android users. They report that Facebook for Android could soon be getting a built-in browser of its own. In fact there are some users who are already reporting that their Facebook app is doing that now, hinting that the changes could soon be rolled out en masse.

We can only assume that Facebook’s goal is to keep users using its app as long as they can. After all if you were to browse in a third-party browser, you could get distracted and end up not using the Facebook app at all. Of course some might not be too thrilled about this because the built-in browser is not as feature-rich compared to Chrome or Safari.

In any case what do you guys think of this move by Facebook? Is the shift to a built-in browser for its Android app something you’ve always wanted, or is this a feature that you’re not looking forward to?

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