imessage-spam-inline3iOS users are probably pretty familiar with the iMessage function on their devices. Just like how BlackBerry’s BBM was, iMessage is currently an exclusive to iOS devices and can be used for sending and receiving messages, photos, and so on, which at the same time makes it ripe for sending or receiving spam as well.

According to security company Cloudmark (via Wired), they claim that iMessage is now a hotbed for spammers. They claim that almost a third of mobile spam messages are sent via iMessage, thanks in particular to the ease of sending said messages via Mac computers. According to Cloudmark’s Tom Landesman, “It’s almost like a spammer’s dream. With four lines of code, using Applescripts, you can tell your Mac to send message to whoever they want.”

Given that you don’t necessarily need the other person’s number to send messages, just an email (if you’ve linked it to iMessage), it makes the spammers job a lot easier, especially if they’ve already somehow gotten their hands on your email address. Now Apple has systems in place to prevent such abuse, such as limiting the rate at which iMessages are sent.

However the spammers have found a loophole which is to create multiple iMessage accounts. Apple’s method of reporting spam also appears to be very clunky as it involves sending a screenshot of the spam, the phone number/email address, and the date/time it was sent. Personally I have not been on the receiving end of iMessage spam, but have any of you guys received such messages?

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