instagram-hyperlapseIt was just yesterday that Instagram launched a new video app called Hyperlapse. For those who might have missed out on our coverage from yesterday, Hyperlapse is basically a video app which allows users to create time lapse videos. Given that manually crafting a time lapse video can be quite painstaking, this certainly makes things a lot easier.


Not to mention the app comes with image stabilization, a feature which is currently lacking from the iOS camera, thus making the app more compelling than it already is. Unfortunately the app is iOS-only and if you were wondering when the Android version will be released, you could be in for a wait.

In a statement Instagram released to Wired, they claimed that unless Google makes changes to the camera and gyroscope APIs on Android, Hyperlapse would simply not be able to work on Android devices. However as per Instagram’s statement, it seems like the developers are more than happy to release an Android version, but they’re just waiting on Google to make said changes before they can do so.

Of course it is possible that maybe Instagram will find a workaround, or perhaps there could be an alternative app for Android that does what Hyperlapse does, but until then it looks like iOS users will be monopolizing the Hyperlapse fun.

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