japan-fastest-cameraWhen it comes to being Japanese, one of the stereotypes that the world would give you would be this – you carry a camera with you wherever you go. Having said that, the Japanese have certainly managed to make a whole lot of advancements in the field of digital optics, especially where cameras are concerned, and it does not look as though they are about to stop anytime soon. In fact, researchers over at a couple of universities in Japan are currently working on what they deem to be the fastest camera in the world.

These high speed cameras would come in handy to help researchers as well as ordinary folk check things out that would never have been possible, ranging from slowing down some sports action to the mechanical processes. In fact, before this breakthrough was made, the fastest cameras fell upon a pump-probe process as light will be “pumped” to an object that is about to be photographed beore it is “probed” for absorption.

As for the new camera, it will be motion-based femtophotography, which will shoot in single-shot bursts when it comes to image acquisition, hence you will not find it requiring repetitive measurements, and in the end, ends up as 1,000 times faster compared to the previous holder of such a title. Not only that, it is also capable of hitting a resolution of 450 x 450 pizels.

Will we see it hit smartphones and consumer class digital cameras anytime soon? Not likely, but at least this is a yet another engineering breakthrough that is worth reporting on.

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