Most of the time, we would think of sapphire glass being the domain of the upcoming iPhone 6, which is said to be tough as nails. However, it would not be heretical to mention that there are other players in the smartphone market that are looking into the possibility of a sapphire display for their upcoming handsets, too, like the Huawei Ascend P7 and another one from Vivo. Well, we have seen the official “torture video” of the Kyocera Brigadier, but how about a more independent test being held?

The video above would put to the test of Kyocera’s bold claim that the Sapphire Shield display is “virtually scratchproof”, and just what are the results like? The Brigadier is definitely one tough cookie, that is for sure, since it managed to make conversation with the end of a key, as well as handling a drop, coming right out of it without batting an eyelid. If it were entirely up to you, how much further would you have pushed Kyocera’s Brigadier smartphone in terms of its durability in the overall scheme of things? Then again, such rugged handsets do come at a price – they are definitely not as svelte and good looking as the other refined counterparts of similar specifications – underneath the hood, that is.

Gorilla Glass who?

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