music-flowIf you love grooving to music and think that there is no meaning in life without music, then surely you would be pleased to hear that South Korean conglomerate LG has just announced the LG Music Flow speakers, where one can choose from H3, H5, and H7 models, with the Sound Bar (model HS6), Network Bridge (model R1) and the companion Music Flow Player application that works on smartphones and tablets, allowing users to enjoy a convenient and smart Hi-Fi audio eco-system right there in the comfort of their own home.

Thanks to the Music Flow Player app, users are able to manage their entire digital music library from a centralized point, never mind if the music collection happens to be spread across many other devices, as this app lets you control the entirety of Music Flow units in the vicinity. Not only that, the app is capable of recommending songs and playlists, in order to provide easy access to internet radio stations as well as work as a smartphone music player whenever you are on the move.

LG Music Flow will make use of mesh network technology and dual band Wi-Fi so that one enjoys uninterrupted, crystal-clear HD music playback that is different from competing systems, and it is a breeze for you to add in more speakers if you would like to. We look forward to seeing these unveiled at IFA 2014 that is happening early next month. [Press Release]

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