onenote-androidSo, in order to make the cut in the nick of time for some school action, OneNote for Android tablets will carry handwriting capabilities, which will also be accompanied by several other OneNote handwriting improvements for Windows 8 and its partner devices. After all, despite living in a digital age, there are some of us who might find handwriting to be a whole lot more natural compared to typing. Apart from that, it was discovered that students have an easier time generating ideas and retaining information when one writes compared to typing.

Improvements have been made for handwriting in OneNote which will allow folks to take full advantage of software and the cloud, all without having to compromise on the comfort and benefits of pen and paper. OneNote for Android tablets will now boast of handwriting support, and it includes touch-friendly navigation as well as the ability to personalize your notes thanks to better formatting options.

The app is downloadable via Google Play, while OneNote for Windows Store has been updated to feature student-focused capabilities such as ink highlighter, and support for printing, and the ability to insert files and PDFs. Livescribe+ will also be updated this week, where it carries Auto-Send capabilities so that you are able to set up any Livescribe notebook with your Livescribe 3 smartpen in order to send all of your handwritten notes to a specific notebook in OneNote automatically. [Press Release]

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