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It's Now Possible To Import Evernote Notes To OneNote
There are plenty of note-taking apps out there since people tend to use them quite often. They come in handy for quickly jotting down ideas or the weekly grocery list. Users often try out different note-taking apps and it can prove to be a pain to transfer notes between several apps. That has become much easier now for OneNote users who are looking to import notes from Evernote.

Microsoft Learning Tools For OneNote Helps Students With Dyslexia
If you are someone who is suffering from dyslexia, or if you know someone who is, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has recently launched a new tool called Learning Tools for their OneNote software. This is a toolbar add-on designed for OneNote 2013 and 2016 in which it will help students with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.

12 OneNote Tips And Tricks
OneNote is not one of the most famous Microsoft Office application, but it is very handy and worth exploring. It might seem like a complicated note-taking app, but if you invest time learning a few of its tricks, it can be extremely productive.OneNote is a robust note-taking app comparable to Evernote. It takes and organizes the notes for you. To help you further explore OneNote and its astounding features, we […]

OneNote Introduces iOS 9 Support
Now that iOS 9 has officially rolled out to the masses, it is the turn for software developers to roll out new and updated versions of their apps which will be compatible with iOS 9, of course. The OneNote team from Microsoft has revealed an update for all of its iOS 9 users, where there will be added functionality which will complement the latest mobile operating system version from Apple. […]


OneNote For Mac Gets Support For Audio Notes
It has been over a year since Microsoft released OneNote for Mac and since then the company has been frequently releasing updates for the app to add new functionality, which helped OneNote become one of the top 10 free apps on the Mac App Store. Continuing with that mantra, Microsoft today released a new update for OneNote for Mac which brings the ability to add audio notes.

OneNote For Mac Updated With OCR Support
OneNote is Microsoft’s popular note-taking application that is available on a variety of platforms. Mac OS X is one of the supported platforms, and even though it has no shortage of such apps, OneNote has continued to hold its ground against competitors. Microsoft often sends out updates with new features and one such update has dropped today. The latest update adds OCR or optical character recognition support to OneNote for Mac.

Microsoft OneNote Now Totally Free For Mac And PC
There is no shortage of note-taking applications out there that work across a variety of platforms and offer cloud sync so that users easily get their notes across all of their devices. Microsoft’s OneNote is an app that provides similar features and over the recent past its popularity has grown significantly. Last year the app was made free though some of its features were locked behind a paywall.

OneNote Update Banks On Extensibility In iOS 8
Microsoft has released a string of updates today for OneNote, its popular note taking application. We have seen the company greatly improve OneNote’s functionality and its quite evident that Microsoft wants to position it as a true competitor to some of the most popular note taking applications out there. An update released today for the OneNote iOS app banks on a new feature in iOS 8 called Extensibility.

Microsoft OneNote Release For Android Wear
Microsoft has worked hard to ensure that its note taking application stands out from the crowd which is why its the company’s priority to be available on every possible platform out there. Earlier this year Google unveiled the Android Wear platform which has been built from the ground up for smartwatches. As Android Wear smartwatches gradually flood the market Microsoft has decided that its time to land on people’s’ wrists.Today it […]

OneNote For Android Tablets Ought To See You Write A Whole Lot More
So, in order to make the cut in the nick of time for some school action, OneNote for Android tablets will carry handwriting capabilities, which will also be accompanied by several other OneNote handwriting improvements for Windows 8 and its partner devices. After all, despite living in a digital age, there are some of us who might find handwriting to be a whole lot more natural compared to typing. Apart […]

OneNote Co-Authoring Feature Improved
Microsoft today released an update for OneNote, a tool that’s increasingly becoming popular for taking notes, tracking work items and more. Over the past few months we have seen Microsoft contribute a lot of time and resources towards this product, it even pushed OneNote on additional platforms with more features. Today’s update brings improvements for the co-authoring experience for those who use the online version of OneNote.

OneNote Beta Update Released
It seems that the OneNote app for Android from Microsoft recently picked up an update that sports a unified user interface, although the beta version did roll out not too long ago. In fact, here is an update to the beta version of this particular app, where it will be accompanied by a slew of features that are sure to be handy – including the support for handwritten notes.

OneNote Gets Screenshot Feature
It does look as though Microsoft has introduced concrete plans for OneNote’s future, hoping to help increase the adoption rate among the masses. The first approach would be to transform the product into a cross-platform entity, and follow that up by making it free, now how about that as an enticement not to be missed? This basically means the OneNote can be obtained and used everywhere, and Microsoft is keeping […]

OneNote For iPhone And Mac Updated With Requested Features
How do you know that a particular company has heard all that its customers have to say about their products? Why, future iterations or revamps would definitely come with some of the requested features whenever possible, of course. So too, does the same line of thought apply to the OneNote, where the main goal of this app is to enable regular Joes like you and I to access our notebooks […]