clipperIt does look as though Microsoft has introduced concrete plans for OneNote’s future, hoping to help increase the adoption rate among the masses. The first approach would be to transform the product into a cross-platform entity, and follow that up by making it free, now how about that as an enticement not to be missed? This basically means the OneNote can be obtained and used everywhere, and Microsoft is keeping its fingers crossed for OneNote to be your primary note taking application.

OneNote sports this particularly cool feature, that is, to be able to save snapshots of a webpage straight into a notebook, now how about that? Whenever you send out an email to that has a single URL in it, OneNote will transform that into a snapshot, where it will save it into your notebook just like that without any kind of hassle. Should you decide to play the devil’s advocate and send multiple URLs within it, the OneNote will go ahead to save a snapshot of the URLs, and of course, not hundreds of screenshots

Is there any practical use to this feature? As a matter of fact, yes. Imagine you are browsing a page you really like on a smartphone, and would like to check it out later. Select “Share”, choose an email address, and send it to – voila! [Press Release]

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