robot exoskeletonWe’ve seen sci-fi movies where there are suits that people can wear that can give them a huge boost in strength, but if you were wondering how far into the future we would have to wait before we start seeing them in real life, well you won’t have to wait too long because over in South Korea, Daewoo has recently been testing robotic exoskeletons that shipyard workers can wear.

The goal behind these exoskeleton suits is that it will allow shipyard workers to lift more than they normally can. This will allow them to lift objects as heavy as 66 pounds as if it were nothing, although the goal is for the suit to be able to lift a massive 220 pounds, something that Daewoo is currently working towards.

However some might be questioning the use of such suits. After all there are already machines that allows us to move heavy objects around, so what’s the point? Well we guess the obvious answer would be that with such suits, it would allow more dexterity compared to a forklift or a crane.

Unfortunately as it stands, the robotic exoskeleton is not ready for prime time yet. For instance it can’t lift objects that too heavy yet, the battery life is at 3 hours which doesn’t even cover one shift, not to mention the suit does not handle slippery floors well. However the trial is coming along nicely and we suppose once Daewoo figures out these kinks,shipbuilding (and other manual labor tasks) will become a lot simpler and quicker.

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