Samsung’s much rumored smartphone fashioned out of metal was announced recently. The Galaxy Alpha touts a metal build, much like Apple’s smartphone, and this has led to many people drawing comparisons between the two. Samsung presumably timed the release so that this device hits the market when Apple’s iPhone 6 hits shelves. While the iPhone 6 has not been officially unveiled as yet 3D models of the smartphone based on rumors have been created and compared against the Galaxy Alpha.

The 3D models have been created by Martin Hajek. He’s actually very good at it and has created similar models based on rumors and speculations in the past as well.

Rumor has it that this time around the new iPhone’s design will borrow some cues from the iPod touch, such as rounded edges. However Apple is definitely going to retain the all-metal body which has become one of the main selling points of the iPhone. One of the iPhone 6 models is believed to have a 4.7-inch display, precisely the same display size as the Galaxy Alpha.


While Apple is believed to use glass for the rear panel Samsung has gone with glastic in the Alpha. The major difference that this makes is that the battery in Apple’s smartphone can’t be removed whereas the Alpha’s battery is removable.

Hajek has provided us with our best look yet at Samsung’s apparent iPhone 6 challenger against its rival, all of his 3D models can be viewed here.

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