samsung-galaxy-s4-review-031There are some of us out there who do not really mind using a smartphone which is one generation behind in terms of technology, as long as it fits our needs and purposes. For those who are rocking to the Android platform, you would most probably know that the Google Play Store does carry a fair number of devices on its own, including Google Play edition devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition. Unfortunately, it seems as though the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition has completely disappeared all of a sudden from the Google Play Store!

It has been slightly less than a month back when Google decided to perform some clean up operation for their Play Store, having done away with the likes of the HTC One (M7), Sony Z Ultra, and LG G Pad 8.3 from its Google Play edition lineup. These were more or less changes made which were in line with the times, considering how there was a new HTC One (M8) already. Well, it is now the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition’s turn to perform a disappearing act, although it is rather strange that there does not seem to be a Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition that is being prepared to take over.

This means the only Google Play edition devices that one can purchase on the Google Play Store would be the Moto G and the HTC One M8, so if you would like a stock Android experience on either, now might be a good time to act before the carpet is yanked from under them suddenly.

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