An Android Wear update was released as a response to all of those users who had been complaining about the LG G Watch causing skin irritation and about its charging ports corroding. One might wonder how a software update could fix these issues but the explanation is actually very simple. Even though Samsung Gear Live users have not complained about such issues the very same Android Wear update has been released for it as well.

The problem on the LG G Watch was that its charging ports were corroding which in turn led to skin irritation. The reason why they were corroding was simply because the current to the ports flowed even while the device was not being charged. The user’s sweat acted as a catalyst to get the corrosion process going.

In order to fix it the Android Wear update build KMV78Y was released. It stopped the flow of current to the ports when the device was not being charged. So even if it does come in contact with sweat when worn there would be no corrosion, and thus users won’t complain about skin irritation.

There have been no reports of similar issues being faced by Samsung Gear Live owners but the update has been pushed out nonetheless. It is being released in stages and should arrive over-the-air on its own within a couple of days.

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