Several of Sprint’s devices have already received the Wi-Fi calling update. It allows the device to make voice calls over a Wi-Fi network. The feature is great for when a user is stuck in someplace where there is no or little cell reception. Sprint is now expanding the scope of this feature today by rolling out the international Wi-Fi calling update.

The first device which is going to receive this international Wi-Fi calling update is the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Sprint Spark. It does pretty much what the name suggests. Users will be able to call back to the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico wherever they might be in the world at no additional cost, all they will need is a Wi-Fi connection.

Users will be able to access voice and messaging services over existing Wi-Fi networks with this latest update. It will be rolled out free of charge to customers with compatible Android smartphones. As previously mentioned Galaxy S4 with Sprint Spark is the first device that’s getting the update. Additional devices will be added throughout 2014.

At a time when messaging apps that offer free voice calling are a dime a dozen this probably won’t be a feature that is going to bring new subscribers over to Sprint. But for this carrier’s subscribers it eliminates the need to install any such app.

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