The Flappy Bird craze might just kick off again, and this time around, we are not talking about a clone to the title, but rather, it will be Flappy Bird’s creator himself, Dong Nguyen, who has thought up of his next game that he has called Swing Copters. You will be able to see Swing Copters in action above, where it is tipped to roll out on the iOS App Store this coming Thursday. The asking price? $0.99 a pop, and it remains to be seen whether Swing Copters will be able to generate the insane levels of revenue (that reportedly amounted to $50k per day) that Flappy Bird did back in its heyday.


What do you think of the gameplay action in the video above? As usual, it will rely on a simple tap-based function that is not too different from that of the basic Flappy Bird. Similar to its predecessor, Swing Copters will also feature a retro graphical style that is not too different from that of the NES titles that delivered 8-bit magic back in the 1980s.

Hopefully, Swing Copters will not prove to be a dud, and as Rovio has found out, their success with Angry Birds has caused subsequent efforts to fall flat on its face.

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