timexThe Timex Group looks set to roll out a new smartwatch which will boast of a cellular connection, allowing it to hook up to the Internet directly without the need to go through a smartphone, where it will also be accompanied by a high-visibility display thanks to the folks over at Qualcomm Inc.

The Dutch-based company did mention that the upcoming Ironman One GPS+ watch will boast of tracking features which are able to communicate the wearer’s location to his or her friends, not to mention deliver a report on vital statistics for record keeping folks such as speed and distance traveled.

This particular foray into the smartwatch industry would be a refreshing move, considering traditional watchmakers have not really decided to take the plunge head on just yet. Instead, the realm of smartwatches have been more or less left to consumer electronics behemoths such as Samsung and Sony to carve out a path, although their level of success might not even be deemed as that.

The upcoming Timex smartwatch will boast of its very own cellular connection to AT&T’s network, so you can transmit data to and fro without requiring it to remain hooked up to a smartphone in the first place.

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