verizon-tablet-pcIt goes without saying that mobile carrier Verizon has a slew of devices in their inventory that range from smartphones to tablets, and this time around, we have reliable information (as reliable as a rumor, actually) that points to the possibility of a new 8” tablet that will be offered in due time.


Majority of the tablets that Verizon offers are those from the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG, Asus, and Nokia, although from time to time, you get “anomalies” such as the 7” Verizon Ellipsis Android tablet which was specially designed to roll out on Verizon alone – and not on any other mobile carrier. In fact, word has it that a brand new Verizon tablet will be released soon, and this would be an 8” model.

Word has it that Quanta of Taiwan would be the ones behind this particular model, and it has already been listed at the Blutooth SIG website, where the device could not have been named any more obvious, being called the “Verizon Tablet PC” and will be accompanied by Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Other than that, it also carries the model number QTAQZ3. As to whether this will run on Windows or Android, that remains to be seen, and hopefully it will be affordably priced as well.

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