windows-map-offline-updateWhen it comes to finding your way around unfamiliar territory or places, a GPS unit is definitely far better than having a thick road map to look through, especially when a map is unable to verbally read out the directions, leaving you to pull over to the side time and time again in order to make sure that you remain on the right track. However, electronic devices that have navigation maps do run out of juice eventually, so making sure it remains juiced is always important. Not only that, being in an area where you have data connectivity would help immensely, too, unless you rely on offline maps. This is what Windows Phone users will be able to enjoy as the latest offline maps update has just rolled out.

Not only do you not need any kind of mobile data connection to get started, it will also help save you on the amount of data that you normally consume when figuring out how to get from one place to another. We are glad to say that selected segments of the Southern U.S. (Georgia, Florida and Alabama) and Europe will be updated to the most recent information.

In order to look for these updates, all that you need to do is to head on to Settings, select Applications and click on the option for maps. Going near the bottom of the screen, one ought to be able to locate a box to click which will help you look out for updates. Check that box, and your handset will automatically look out for updates that are part of the regions which you have already installed prior for your offline maps.

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