windows-xp-shutdownWindows XP is dead, long live Windows XP. Well, it looks as though there is still some life left in the legs of the Windows XP operating system from Microsoft where updates are concerned, although this time around, it would not be on an official basis. Earlier this April, Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP at long last, and while they have continued to issue critical patches and a security patch for IE, those are the exceptions than the rule. Taking into consideration how close to a quarter of PCs worldwide still run on Windows XP, a developer who goes by the moniker ‘harkaz’ intends to address this issue with what is known as the ‘Unofficial Service Pack 4‘ for Windows XP.

This is a labor of love by harkaz since September last year, where it will deliver all of Microsoft’s official XP updates and patches into a single unified release. Right now, the ‘Unofficial Service Pack 4’ happens to be in its third beta but, fret not, a Release Candidate is in the pipeline before the full release.

Basically, harkaz claims that the ‘Unofficial Service Pack 4’ is “a cumulative update rollup for Windows XP (x86). It can be applied to a live Windows XP system with SP1, at minimum, installed or it can be slipstreamed (integrated) in any Windows XP installation media.”

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