iphone 6_2Earlier today, we did talk about how Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to Charlie Rose in a two-part interview, having addressed privacy and security concerns in the interview itself. Cook claims that Apple does not bother to collect information about you, citing that they do not read your emails as well as your iMessages. In fact, he is confident that Apple is unable to pass to the government iMessage data of Apple users because they lack the key to do so. Now we are hearing that the newly released iPhone 6 as well as its larger sized sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus, will arrive with a default kill switch to boot.

This particular theft deterrent system would mean users can lock their respective smartphones and to wipe the handset clean of data should it happen to be stolen. This is seen to be a victory for regulators who have been asking for the telecommunications industry to have a bit more bite in them in order to go up against theft.

The kill switch will arrive as a standard on the new iPhones, and can also be installed on previous models of iPhones from today onward. Do you see this as a victory for end users?

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