1380839737_mavericks-130610-1A few days ago, we reported on a bug called Bash that some security researchers believed was just as bad as the Heartbleed bug, if not worse. The bug affected computers running on Linux as well as Apple’s OS X platform. Apple has since reassured that the majority of OS X users are not affected by it, but has promised to release an update anyway for their more advanced users.

Well the good news is that Apple has certainly wasted no time because it looks like they have since released the promised update. The update will come in three different versions – one for OS X Mavericks, Apple’s latest OS X platform prior to Yosemite, and there will also be one version for Mountain Lion, and one for OS X Lion.

It seems that Apple has skipped OS X 10.10 Yosemite for now but presumably the platform should be updated with the fix prior to its release, which unfortunately still does not have a specific release date. However a report from Ars Technica has suggested that patching the bug could be difficult as many of the initial patches might not have corrected all of its vulnerabilities.

It is unclear if Apple’s patch has dealt with every single exploit out there, or at the very least has covered the more major and obvious ones for a start, but either way OS X users who wish to protect themselves should probably go ahead and download it.

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