beats musicAccording to an earlier report, it was suggested that Apple could be thinking about shutting down Beats Music. On one hand it would not have been a ludicrous idea as Apple’s acquisitions are typically acqui-hires where Apple usually wants the people or the technology involved, not so much the end product.

That being said we’re sure this piece of news can’t have sat well with many of you guys out there who might have already paid for Beats Music subscription. Well the good news is that it looks like the rumors weren’t true after all. This is according to Tom Neumayr, an Apple PR rep who told the folks at Re/code that the rumor was not true.

However Neumayr would not go into details, but according to Re/code’s Peter Kafka, he speculates that based on his conversations with those familiar with the matter that while Beats Music will not be shutting its doors, it will most likely undergo some changes, and that its Beats Music branding will probably be one of them.

That reasoning makes sense as well since we’re sure Apple would much prefer to have their own branding slapped on the service instead. In any case we guess only time will tell what Apple has planned for the service, but in the meantime for fans of Beats Music, you can rest assured knowing that it isn’t going anywhere, at least for now.

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